State  Medical Commissioner Office (SMC) is established in this Region to look after the following items of works :-

  1. To sanction and release 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter installment advance on  a/c payments to the State Governments. Review of functioning of ESI Hospitals and Dispensaries in the State.
  2. The sanction and release of payments for CME activities and their supervision as per instruction’s issued from Hqrs. Office from time to time.
  3. To sanction medical equipments for ESIC and ESIS Hospitals as per delegation of powers.
  4. Tie-up arrangements with the reputed Government/semi-Government, private hospitals/institutions all over the State for super speciality treatment to ESI beneficiaries.


The contact of address of State Medical Commissioner Office is as under: -


          Dr.(Mrs) Jayanti Behera
         State  Medical Commissioner,
         E.S.I Corporation,
         JANPATH, UNIT-IX,
         Bhubaneswar751 022.
         Phone No. 0674-2546684
         Fax No. 0674-2546377