Quantum, Scale and Contributory Condition:

Employees covered under the scheme are entitled to medical facilities for self and family members. They are also entitled to cash benefits in the event of sickness and employment injury which include occupational disease resulting in loss of wages or earning capacity . The insured women are entitled to maternity benefit for confinement. Where death of an insured employee occurs due to employment injury or occupational disease, the dependants are entitled to family pension.

Various benefits that the insured persons and their family members are entitled to the contributory conditions therefore, are as under :

Medical benefit :

Medical facilities for an Insured Person and his/her family members are admissible from the date of his/her entering insurable employment. The out-patient, inpatient and specialist services are provided through a network of Panel Clinics, ESI Dispensaries and Hospitals. Super Specialty services are provided through advanced empanelled medical institutions on referral basis.

Medical Benefit is also available to Insured Persons who leave insurable employment on attaining the age of superannuation, after being insured for not less than 5 years.

Medical Benefit is also available to Insured Persons who cease to be insurable employment on account of permanent disablement caused due to an employment injury.

The Rate of contribution for superannuated/ disabled IPs is Rs. 120/-per annum payable in lump sum at the Local office for availing full Medical care for self and spouse .