The Employees' State Insurance Act,1948 is a social security legislation :

1.   It is applicable to whole of India and comes into force (implementation) in the areas from the date of notification in the official Gazette, by the Central Government.
2.   In the State of Odisha, the ESI Act was implemented in certain areas with effect from dt.31.01.1960 and subsquently was/is being implemented revenue village/NAC/Municipality area wise in stages.


  • Factories
  •   The ESI Act applies to all factories employing 10 or more persons including factories belonging to the Government other than seasonal factories

  • Establishments
  •   The ESI Act applies to the following establishments whereon 10 or more persons are employed -

    (I) Shopes
    (II) Hotels
    (III) Resturants
    (IV) Road Motor Transport establishments
    (V) Cinemas including preview theatre
    (VI) Newspaper establishments as defined in Section 2(d) of the Working Journalists (conditions of service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act,1955 (45 of 1955).
    (VII) Educational Institutaions (including public, private, aided or partially aided) run by individuals, trustees, societies or other organization.
    (VIII) Medical Institutions (Including Corporate, Joint Sector, Trust, Charitable and Private Ownership Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnosis Centers, Pathological Labs).

    Notification for 10 employees under Section1(5)

    The Present status of implementation is as under-

    Implementation Type Number and Name of Districts Notification

    Districts Fully Implemented

    (Fully Implemented w.e.f 1st June 2016)

    1.  List of revenue villages implemented prior to dt.01.06.2016
    2.  Notification dt.30.05.2016
    (Implementation in whole districts which have already been implemented partly earlier).

    Districts Partially Implemented

    (Gajapati,Kendrapara,Nayagarh w.e.f 1st November 2017)

    1.  Notification dt.18.11.2017 (Implementation in Municipality/NAC in district of Gajapati,Kendrapara and Nayagarh)

    Districts not yet Implemented



    For old implemented areas. (Implemented prior to 01.06.2016)

    Employer's Contribution : 4.75%   &   Employee's Contribution : 1.75%

    For new implemented areas (Implimented after 01.06.2016).

    Employer's Contribution : 3%   &   Employee's Contribution : 1% for initial 24 months from date of implementation and there after as applicable for old areas. Notification on reduced rate of contribution.

    Sl no. Areas Upto


    20 Fully Implemented Districts excluding the old implemented areas



    3 Partial Implemented Districts (Gajapati,Kendrapara,Nayagarh)